Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Missed Moment: Barney Party

Back in September, Taylor Max turned three!  She was super excited to have a Barney party!

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I made treat tents to hold the goodies for all of her friends.

In the neighborhood we moved into, there is a community commons area with a small pavilion and playground.  It was the perfect spot to host Taylor's parties!


I also made Barney coloring books for all of the kids.  I just Googled Barney coloring pages, printed them, designed and printed a cover, and bound them!


Taylor had a lot of fun with her friends!

Baby Maxine even got some new clothes!!

The next day, we celebrated with family.  We gave Taylor her birthday surprise from us...

A big girl bike!!

She loved it!  Daddy taught her how to ride.

We rode across the street to the commons for another Barney celebration!


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Taylor shares her birthday month with her Uncle Shane-O.  The girls gave Shane a special present!

Taylor made him close his eyes while she opened the present for him!

Our family came to help Taylor Max celebrate!

Taylor got lots of really cool presents!  She was so excited :o)

I love my little Stink ;o)

After opening presents, we ALL went to play in the playground!



Then it was time for cupcakes!!


Everyone had a great time...



When it was time to clean up, Shane taught the girls how to get rid of the balloons :o)

Happy birthday, Taylor Max!!  Love you!

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