Friday, April 5, 2013

71 Projects: Argyle Wreath

I know it is well past St. Patrick's Day. In case you didn't notice, I finished this wreath the day before St. Patty's.  Oh well :-)  You could make one for July 4th!

Project 5: Argyle St. Patty's Wreath

Start Date: March ??, 2013
Finish Date: March 16, 2013
Total Time: 1 hour-ish
Difficulty Level: Easy
Total Cost: less than $10

Foam Wreath Form (I used green because it matched my yarn.)
Yarn, 2 different colors
Pins or Glue

First, secure one end of your yarn with glue, tape, or half of the tag :-)  It is going to be covered, so it really doesn't matter. Start wrapping the yarn around the wreath form.

Next, continue to wrap until the entire wreath is covered.

Secure the other end of the yarn. I used a straight pin, but you could just glue it.

Then, cut a bunch of squares from the felt.

With the size of wreath I had, I found that about 1¾" was just right.

Space the squares out so the corners touch, or come close. I secured each square with a pin to the middle.

Then, wrap the other color of yarn so that it covers the center of each square.

Repeat that step, going the opposite direction.

I didn't glue the corners of the felt squares and after some time, they relaxed a little.

Next, I made the shamrock.  First, I cut four circles.

Next, I did a little double fold thing... that is surprisingly hard to explain! 

Then I attached the circles at the fold so they formed a little cluster.

I tied a double knot in the dark green yarn and cut it short for the stem. This is attached with a pin.

There you go!

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amanda said...

Cute!!! What a great St. Patty's wreath :-) PS - I meant to comment on your kitchen pantry post... I LOVE what you did with the redo!

Judy diyAddict said...

This is beautiful.

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