Monday, April 29, 2013

Why I Smile Everyday

Jaden Claire,

My goodness gracious, girlfriend! How is it that you are six years old already?
I feel like I can literally remember each and every single day of these past six years.


You continue to amaze me each and every day.
Your artistic ability and your creative writing makes me smile with pride.
I love the little notes you write to me... I've kept every single one.


You are a goofy booger!
The dances you come up with... No words for those :-)
I love the way you can make yourself crack up.


I have never met anyone as caring as you.
You have an old soul.

So much of your great-grandma Ina shows in you.
You have her smile and her way of making quirky noises.
She would be so proud of you.
You tell us daily that she is sitting on the puffiest cloud in the sky watching over you.
I have no doubt.

Taylor looks up to you so much!
I know it annoys you that she wants to be just like you.
She is smart. I wish parts of me were more like parts of you, too.



Your dad and I talk about your future a lot.
You are a smart cookie!
We want only the best for you.
You can be whatever you want!


I never knew a kindergartner could be so trendy :o)
I think it is adorable how you love peace signs, hearts, and sparkles.
You definitely have your own likes!


One thing I could do without at times is that attitude.
I know you try hard and I appreciate it.
You are a true red-head!


Jaden, you have made me proud to be your mom.
You are smart, funny, caring, creative, everything I ever dreamed you would be.
You make my life enjoyable.


I love you more than the universe!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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Max Teders said...

I know how you feel. I have a daughter exactly like her!

Denise said...

darling pix.