Friday, April 19, 2013

Cute for a Cause

Miss Jaden has been growing her hair out for a whole year.  She got it cut off last year around her birthday.

April 12, 2012

Since then, she had decided that her goal was to get her hair to her butt and then get it all cut off to donate to Locks of Love.  Well, the day came.  Her hair wasn't yet at her butt, but it was past the middle of her back.  I made her an appointment and last night, she went for a cut!


She had to have her hair braided for donation.

Then, the braids were cut right off!

She is so excited to send her hair in to be made into wigs for kids without hair!

Next, She had her first ever salon washing.

After a little touch up and shaping...

...and some drying and styling...


She was good to go!

This morning, we got it stacked in the back and styled for her birthday celebration at school!

SUPER cute!

I'm so proud of her for wanting to do this. It was all Jaden's idea to donate her hair. Such a sweet girl :-)

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Jenny said...

ADORABLE!!!! absolutely adorable!!! And what a sweet gift so another girl can feel pretty too! Proud of you J!

Tia said...

I love it! Happy early bday to Jaden too!

Nic and Abbey said...

ummm....i want a wig out of that hair! :)

Ms. Magpie said...

So sweet! And what a head of hair, I'm jealous.