Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jaden's 6th Birthday - The Final Installment

This is pathetic, people! Almost 6 months later and I am FINALLY wrapping up J's birthday celebration! Well, get used to it because this month, I am getting all caught up! We had LOTS going on over the summer. By the time November rolls around, I'm hoping to be up to date... hoping.

If you can remember back to parts 1, 2, and 3 of J's birthday, you already know that she had a Brave party theme. I LOVE birthday parties! I especially love birthday party FOOD :-)  It's kind of become my thing to have the food of the party based on the theme.  If you've seen the movie Brave, you will "get it" when you see our tasty treats :-)

Everyone enjoyed the food!

Jaden was spoiled by family with so many great presents! I mean, look at that stack on the fireplace! Here are a few...

She LOVED all of her gifts :-)

I think Uncle Shane-O was wanting this awesome party to be his own :-)

It was a WONDERFUL party... and now it's finally over :-)  
Happy birthday, Miss J! We love you!!


I'm participating in the Nester's 31 Day Challenge... hold on for all of that!

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