Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Bunnies, eggs, and chocolate, oh my!

Mike and I took the girls to the mall to visit with the Easter Bunny once again this year.  As you know, last year Jaden would only give EB a high five... while holding Dad's hand.  This year, we asked her to sit next to him and hold her sister.  Although the was a little nervous when EB put his arm around her, she did not cry!!  Yea!

Jaden and I painted eggs this year.  Unlike last year, we used vinegar and had lovely, bright eggs!

Easter morning, Jaden got to hunt for eggs at home.

Jude was her little helper :o)

The girls' baskets...

T loves her new shades :o)

Can you believe my little peach is starting to "crawl" already?!?

J in her pretty spring Easter outfit... Thanks Aunt Nancy!

Easter dinner at Gramma Pat's house... I had twins!!  Mike said, "You better take a picture so you can blog it!"  Whatever you say, dear ;o)

Gramma J and Grampa Max had a chat with the Easter Bunny too.  Once again, J was a pro at finding the eggs!

My cute little family!

This may be the worst picture my family has ever taken :o)  Mom, I hope the one on your camera is better!  Mike is sleeping.  J and T are looking at what I assume is the Easter Bunny hopping by.  I am testing my vocals for my upcoming solo.  Mom is doing her best super model wind-blown impression.  Dad is about to puke all over me and my solo-singing beauty.  Shane!!  He took a good picture!!  Usually he is the only one with the goofy look... I think I'll blow this one up and hang it above the fireplace :o)

Checking out all of the goodies!

T got some rice biscuits from Gramma Pat and Grampa Wayne... YUM!!

Hope you all had a nice Easter!!


DREW'S MOM said...

Cute! Glad you guys had a great Easter.

Manhattan Mommy said...

so cute!! great pictures :)

Lora said...

Cute pictures! What a fun Easter for you all.

I need the Easter bunny to hop up North so we can have pictures with him one year.